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En Friehyaahr fer die Mudderschprooch 2011

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The German‐Pennsylvanian Association (Deutsch‐Pennsylvanischer Arbeitskreis e.V.), the Pennsylvania German newspaper “Hiwwe wie Driwwe” and several important Pennsylvania German institutions are pleased to announce an annual festival to promote the Pennsylvania German
dialect throughout Pennsylvania. We hope to establish and institutionalize a series of events called “En Friehyaahr fer die Mudderschprooch” (A springtime for the mother tongue) on a yearly basis with the intent of giving the dialect more prominence and visibility as a major part of Pennsylvania’s cultural heritage. In 2011, this festival will take place between February 2 and July 10. Bringing together already existing events and new initiatives to maintain and revitalize the dialect within this limited time period of five months will enhance the issue and show the public as well as the various media that Pennsylvania German is by no means dead and that there are enough people in Pennsylvania who care about its survival. This will make people aware of “what is out there”. We hope that this initiative will create renewed interest in the cause of saving this important part of Pennsylvania’s cultural and linguistic heritage.

Frank Kessler (President)               Dr. Michael Werner (Vice-President)

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